About Us

Rethink Impact is the largest, US-based venture capital firm investing in female and non-binary leaders using tech to solve the world’s biggest problems. Rethink Impact believes that the next generation of extraordinary companies (in health, environmental sustainability, education, and economic empowerment) will find success through their relentless pursuit of mission, for the benefit of all communities.

Through our network of entrepreneurs, investors, and decision makers, we’re building an ecosystem for female entrepreneurs to help solve the capital gap.

Investment Approach

We seek mission-driven founders and teams leveraging breakthrough innovations in technology for the benefit of people and planet. Our primary focus is on companies with female CEOs, or in some cases, women in C-level roles (e.g. CTO, COO, CRO, or CFO). We write $2M-$10M checks to lead or co-invest in Late Seed–Series C rounds. We look for companies with $500K-$15M in annual recurring revenue that are on a path to grow to $50M-$100M in the next five years (although, we will invest in later-stage deals where we believe we can have a significant impact and where the company is a fit for our mission more broadly).

We have a bias towards capital-efficient, software solutions and marketplaces solving critical problems for businesses (B2B and B2B2C) and, ultimately, the communities they serve. We are actively sourcing investments that are making new digital health and education innovations broadly accessible to improve outcomes and reduce costs, providing tools for individuals and families to move up the economic ladder, and speeding the transition to a more sustainable and resource-efficient economy. We work to actively support our portfolio companies, helping them with everything from their next round of financing to leveraging their mission as a competitive advantage in hiring, growth, and brand building.

Office Hours

Feel like you are a great fit for our approach but haven’t met us yet? Feel like you might not be a fit given the above, but that we’ll miss out on something amazing if we don’t connect? Feel like you are not quite ready, but could be a great fit for us down the road? Or, do you just have a burning question about your business that you need help on? We have designed our female founder office hours program just for you. We have open slots every month and would love to hear more about your vision!

Click here to sign up for our office hours with: Jenny, Heidi, Chelsea, Joe, or Jill!

The People Behind Rethink Impact