About Us

Our team has extensive investment and social impact experience

Rethink Impact invests in impact companies with the potential to deliver outsized financial returns for investors alongside transformational social and environmental change. While we invest in a broad range of impact businesses, we are particularly focused on supporting companies that have women in management roles and use technology to generate positive impact at scale, creating a more inclusive economy that provides enhanced benefits for people and our planet. We leverage our 50+ years of entrepreneurial and investment experience, along with our firm’s institutional size and history (at Seavest), to pursue a return-oriented strategy that also promotes systemic change in the areas of health, education, sustainability, and economic empowerment.

Through our extensive network of entrepreneurs, advisors, and decision makers, we’re changing the way people look at social impact.

The People Behind Rethink Impact

Co-Founder & CEO, Purpose Global, LLC
Jeremy Heimans
President & COO, Change.org
Jennifer Dulski
CEO & Founder, Change.org
Ben Rattray
COO, EverFi
Tammy Wincup
Co-Founder & CEO, EverFi
Tom Davidson