July 2017

Hey Female Founders,

You have kids or lots of other responsibilities? We see that as a positive. You can balance a million things at once.
Your office doesn’t have a ping pong table in it? That’s okay, ours doesn’t either.

Worried we are going to hit on you? Don’t. We’ve both been in your shoes. We know.

Your job is hard enough already, and we want to help.
Our diverse community of committed investors from across the country stands with you.
We are a conduit for their values and desire for change….
Change in how business gets done and how the investing industry works.
Together, we believe the next generation of the world’s best businesses will succeed through their relentless pursuit of positive impact and a commitment to diversity that starts at the top.

Rethink Impact is a female-led, institutional-scale venture capital firm dedicated to supporting these ideas.

This is our founding DNA. It’s why we exist.
Apply for Series A or Series B funding from us
or sign up for Rethink Impact office hours in DC, NYC, and SF to get advice or feedback on your business.
One day a month for the next 6 months.
In partnership,
Jenny, Heidi, and the Rethink Impact Team, entrepreneurs, and friends
Jenny Abramson
Heidi Patel
P.S. To the guys out there: We love you, too, and, if you are solving big problems using technology and have a diverse team, we want to meet you!
We Support: #DecencyPledge, #WomenInVC, #ImpactInvesting, and the new language for understanding and reporting gender discrimination, sexual harassment and assault found here.
Supporters of Female-Led Businesses
Jodie McLean
Sachiko Kuno
Sheila Johnson
Jennifer Frist
Randy Lipton
Ami Aronson
Barbara Raho
Diane Robins
Alexis Sant
Sharon Virts
Jennifer Goldman
Anne-Marie Scholer
Patrice King Brickman
Mitch Meyers
Kevin Schreck
Kim Tennican
Sarah Godlewski
Arbora Johnson
Linda Youngentob
Dr. Amy Aronson
Michael Kimmel
G. Duke Virca
Mark Wilkins
Kent Kirby
Melissa Bradley
Peter Russo
Gazelle Hashemian
Lauren Fite
Marlis Branaka
Susanne Renner
Ruth McMillan
Dale Kempf
Pedro McMillan
Kay Kempf
Elli Kaplan,
Mylea Charvat,
Meredith McNeill,
Davida Herzl,
Tom Davidson,
Tammy Wincup,
Ben Rattray,
Phoebe Hayman,
Rachel Rutherford,
Kate Kingen,
Jeremy Heimans,
Annie Dean,
Anna Auerbach,
Chelsea Morris
Malcolm McClain
Michael Walden
Rick Segal
Erin Molloy
Shak Chowdhury